Human Sexuality Unit Curriculum

Human Sexuality Unit:

As with all units we cover in this class, the goal is to help students make informed, healthy choices. In this unit, we want to assure you that ABSTINENCE IS STRESSED AS THE HEALTHIEST CHOICE for a large number of reasons. The goal is to help students see why it is the healthiest choice.

The lessons in Health 7 teach:

• Facts about HIV/AIDS and other STIs

• How HIV and other STIs are and are not transmitted.

• The impact sexually transmitted infections can have on a person’s life. • How to evaluate the health risks involved with different behaviors.

• The advantages of Abstinence.

• To apply the skills needed to avoid/escape situations that place them at risk for becoming infected with HIV/Other STIs.

• The importance of planning ways to stay safe, healthy, and free of HIV and other STIs.

• How to apply what they have learned in order to become positive peer role models. • How to locate resources and get help, if needed.

• Male/Female Anatomy Terms I have attached the unit objectives to this letter.

The documents used are available for you to preview, if you wish, by visiting the Beagle Middle School website at: Human Sexuality Health Unit