Hayes Video Resource for Limited In-Person Return

Dear Hayes Limited In-Person Return Parents,

Below is a video resource for you and your student(s) to review in addition to the handbook that was shared last week on Thursday. 


Yesterday, we emailed out the link for our parent/student Q&A that is scheduled for tonight from 6-7pm; there will be another Q&A session tomorrow from 12-1 addressing the same information.  We will give a brief overview of important items from the handbook and review sample student schedules at the beginning of these Q&A sessions to provide additional clarification.  Please feel free to join us at one of these Q&A sessions if you have questions. 

One final note, student schedules for limited in-person return will be shared with you and your student(s) via email early next week prior to our 7th grade (and new-to-the-district-this-year-8th graders) walkthrough orientations. 

Take care,

Dave and Eric