Student Support Email 9/8/20

Hello Hayes Students! 

Welcome back!  We are excited to kick off another school year.  Even though we are virtual for the first part of this school year, it is still exciting to finally be able to work with the heart and soul of our school--our students! 

We also wanted to thank all of you for your patience today.  While we understand that many students were able to find all of their classes and sign into Zoom sessions with ease, we also understand that there were quite a few students that had some technical difficulties today.  Remember, we are here to help!  If you have any connection issues or need support, then please reach out to Mrs. Jordan-Thelen at (517) 925-5686.  Another option for support....keep reading below.....

In addition, we have also included a "Daily Announcement" section at the top of your homepage within Buzz.  Here you will find daily announcements provided by me and Mr. Leopold.  We also have a Zoom link posted in this section if you need help getting connected to any of your classes this week.  We intend to keep this link up throughout the week.  If you join this Zoom session, please keep in mind that it may take several minutes for us to get with you as we are trying to support students in a one-to-one fashion to avoid further confusion. 

We held a staff meeting after school with our teachers today regarding the location and consistency of Zoom links.  By tomorrow, teachers will have revised their Zoom or Google Meet links to be more user-friendly, and they should be posted at the top of their page within Buzz.  Please remember that you have to click on the individual class tile within Buzz to see each teacher's link for the Zoom session.  Please also make sure that you sign into your google mail each day before signing into Buzz; this will help with access to your classes.

Finally, please remember that you must follow your schedule in PowerSchool each day.  Unfortunately, these classes are not in order within Buzz.  It may be a good idea to print off your schedule from PowerSchool to use as a reference for the first few days of school.  Remember, tomorrow class begins at 8:15, and we will follow that "Daily Routine" moving forward.  The "Daily Routine" was emailed out to you two weeks ago, and we will update that information within our "Daily Announcement" section in Buzz for tomorrow and the rest of this trimester.  The "Daily Routine" and "Live" days for your courses can also be found on our homepage at

In closing, here are some steps for success (with less words:)) to use each day:

1.  Log into your Grand Ledge email by 8:10

2. Log into Buzz

3. Watch "Daily Announcements" before 1st hour within Buzz (very top of page)

4.  Join first hour by 8:15 and follow the Daily Routine based on your schedule within PowerSchool.

5.  Access your teachers' Zoom sessions by clicking on their specific class tiles within your Buzz homepage.  If you get there early and click on the link, you will not get into the session.  Please be sure to log into the live session at the beginning of the class period. 

We hope that this information is helpful for you.  Again, if you need support, then please do not hesitate to use the link within the "Daily Announcement" section this week, or reach out to Mrs. Jordan-Thelen in the weeks to come. 

Take care,

Mr. Kushman and Mr. Leopold