September 25, 2020

Dear Hayes Parents,

It’s hard to believe that three weeks of school have come and gone, fall is just around the corner, and our students are actually engaging in fall sports.  One month ago, school starting online was met with a great deal of scrutiny and angst, and fall sports seemed off the table altogether.  However, through working collectively as a team, our online learning experience is improving by the week, and our students are engaging in fall sports as we are committed to doing what we can do safely. 

This week, our teachers worked together during department meetings to continue to improve the online learning experience for our students.  Teachers will be placing assignments into PowerSchool the same day they are assigned to students during the week within Buzz.  We are hopeful that immediately noting assignments in PowerSchool will support our parents in helping to monitor work completion at home. If your student is struggling at any point with a specific class, please encourage them to email their teacher directly, and then join that specific teacher’s support time from 2:25-3:15, which is offered Monday-Friday.  If your student is struggling with the entire online process and needs support with organization, strategies for success, or just some positive encouragement, then please have them reach out to our school counselors: Mrs. Miller (last names A-L) , Mrs. Taylor (last names M-Z) Finally, if your student is experiencing technical issues, including how to post assignments correctly, please call (517) 925-5686 to speak with Mrs. Jordan-Thelen.


As we stated last week, participation is recorded in PowerSchool twice-per-week: once for Monday and Tuesday, once for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Participation is based on the attendance of “Live” sessions and/or the completion of “On Demand” work during that specific time frame. Please continue to encourage your student to attend all “Live” sessions.  If for some reason they are not able to attend the “Live” session, then please encourage them to complete the “On Demand” work associated with the “Live” lesson.   Also, please continue to encourage your student to take advantage of the “Support Time” from 2:25-3:15 each day. 


Finally, recent state legislation requires that we give the NWEA test to our students.  The NWEA test window begins the second week of October and runs through the end of the month.  The reading and math assessments will take place separately over a two-week window for each area.  Our English and Math teachers will support this assessment virtually during both “Live” and “On Demand” days, and the dates of assessment will vary by teacher as they will determine when it’s appropriate to give the assessment within their assigned window.  We will have more information regarding the NWEA assessment next week.  


We thank you for your feedback and support.  Please continue to reach out with any questions or concerns.  Have a great weekend!  


Take care, 


Dave and Eric