PSAT Information

Dear Hayes Parents, 

We are writing at this time to inform you that on Tuesday, April 13th, we will be offering the PSAT, a national standardized assessment, to our 8th grade students.  Under normal circumstances, this is a required assessment; currently, we are required to offer it to all of our 8th grade students per recent information released by the United States Department of Education (USDE).  

Please note that districts across Michigan have been awaiting guidance from USDE regarding the aforementioned standardized assessment all year, and that guidance was released on Friday, April 2nd.  The good news is that we have been preparing for this assessment throughout the year as we felt we would have to, at minimum, offer it to our 8th grade students.  Therefore, we apologize for the short notice here, but it is out of our control.  Here are some important announcements and updates for both 7th and 8th grade families: 

7th Graders Stay Home on April 13th

All 7th grade in-person students will stay home on April 13th as we need all of our teaching staff to administer the PSAT to our 8th grade students.  This will be an asynchronous day for all 7th grade students, and there will not be “Live” sessions in the afternoon. Teachers will have work posted for each class with Buzz.  


8th Graders Taking the PSAT

On Tuesday, April 13th we will run our typical in-person schedule beginning the day at 7:40 and ending at 1pm.  Transportation will be provided to our 8th grade in-person students that are registered for transportation. We will also provide breakfast and lunch to all students in their testing rooms.  Beginning Wednesday, April 7th, we will begin to communicate test room assignments to our in-person 8th grade students during lunch.  These room assignments will also be posted outside our counseling office. 8th grade in-person students must know their test room assignment before test day, so please help to reinforce this at home.

For parents of 8th grade virtual students interested in having their student take the PSAT, please use this link 8th Grade Virtual Students Interested in PSAT to provide your student’s name by Friday, April 9th.  This will help ensure we have an accurate count for the day.  On Tuesday, April 13th, we will provide our virtual students with their assigned testing room when they arrive at school, and we will do this just inside the main entrance.


What 8th Graders Should Bring on April 13th

All 8th grade students taking the PSAT will need to have two #2 pencils and a basic scientific calculator for one of the math assessments on test day.  In addition, students are permitted to bring snacks and a water bottle, which they can access during test breaks.  Students should also bring their chromebooks with them to school on April 13th because our 8th graders will have a small amount of asynchronous work to complete after the assessment, so we want them to use their time wisely.  Please note that students must be released together. Even though most students will finish the assessment around 11:45, those with dynamic learning needs will need an additional hour to complete testing.  Therefore, we are not permitted to release students early, and we thank you for reinforcing this with your student.  Students will be dismissed together at 1pm.

Again, we apologize for the short notice and the inconvenience this may cause our families on April 13th.  We appreciate your continued support.  Please reach out with any questions.  


Take care, 

Dave and Eric