Orientation and First Day

Dear Hayes Parents, 

As we discussed last week, we are providing our video orientation for 2020-21 within this email.  Here is the link https://youtu.be/bAHlHnuaROE  This video will also be posted to our website, our YouTube channel, and Twitter.  We will also be sending this video along to our students via their school email accounts.  We hope this information is beneficial for you and your student.  


In addition, we also wanted to reiterate that we will continue to archive these correspondences to our Hayes' Homepage.  Our homepage will be a valuable resource for students and parents this school year as we will continue to archive our parental correspondences there as well as providing other announcements.  We have updated our website recently to include our “Daily Routine” as well as days for “Live” sessions as a resource for students and parents.  


Also, please note that there are numerous resources available on our district’s homepage.  Resources can be found under the Return to Learn Plan 2020-21 tab, which is found at the top of the homepage.  These resources include: Student and Family planning guides; information about Buzz, our Learning Management System; and frequently asked questions.  Please note that Dr. Barnes will be hosting informational meetings about Buzz on September 3rd at 7pm, September 4th at 9am and 2pm.  We have also noted this within our orientation video.  


If you have questions after reviewing our orientation video and accessing the aforementioned resources within the district’s website, then please feel free to join us for a “Live” Q&A session tomorrow, September 3rd at either 2pm or 6pm.  Our meeting capacity is 100 for each meeting.  If we reach capacity, we will host another Q&A the following week. The links are provided below:


2:00 PM Meeting Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83631096673?pwd=emlObXVVVFJLRXVHUVBqTEFBd2RDQT09

Meeting ID: 836 3109 6673

Passcode: 8HxnZT


6:00 PM Meeting Link: 


Meeting ID: 865 3135 1947

Passcode: 2bLY3v

Please note that the first day of school “Daily Routine” will be as follows: 

8:30 check in with Communication and Support teacher

8:50-9:10--check in with 1st hour teacher

9:15-9:35--check in with 2nd hour teacher

9:40-10:00-- check in with 3rd hour teacher

10-minute break

10:10-10:30- check in with 4th hour teacher

10:35-10:55- check in with 5th hour teacher

11:00-11:20--check in with 6th hour teacher 


As we have discussed within our orientation, the goal for the first day is to become familiar with Buzz and check and connect with teachers.  If your student is struggling with finding their teachers or if they have any other struggles, please have them reach out to their Communication and Support teacher.  We will send this first-day schedule to students as well via their school email.  Please note that the start time after the first day will move back to 8:15.  

As we move through the school year, we will continue to communicate weekly through school messenger.  School messenger emails and updates will replace our traditional newsletter.  All information that was once part of our newsletter will be found on our homepage.

Next week, we will have more information regarding material distribution for the week of September 14th. Please stay tuned for that. 

We are looking forward to a great school year! As always, please feel free to reach out if you need any additional support.


Dave and Eric