October 9, 2020

Dear Hayes Parents,

We are reaching out at this time with a few updates and reminders, so this newsletter will not be as long as previous communications.  

First, as we discussed last week, NWEA testing will commence next week with the reading assessment in English classes.  Our English teachers have been in communication this week with their students regarding the assessment and the protocols for taking the assessment from home.  Our Math teachers will be communicating with their students next week regarding how they will take the Math portion of the NWEA assessment the week of October 19th.  If your student experiences any sort of trouble during the NWEA assessment, they should immediately reach out to their teacher via their live Zoom link.   Please note that pop-ups do need to be allowed on Chromebooks in order to sign into the NWEA assessment, and information for allowing pop-up blockers as well as other NWEA parent information can be found at https://www.glcomets.net/return-to-learn/20-21-return-to-learn/nwea/.  We are confident that our students will do well accessing and completing the NWEA assessment based on all of the communication provided by our teachers.  Please encourage your student to do the best they can on both NWEA assessments.

In addition to NWEA assessment being given in English classes this week, all students will take a screener known as the Delta Math Screener.  We will use this assessment to help guide our math interventions program and math instruction overall.  The Delta Math Screener will take place on either October 13th or 15th during your student's live session for Math. Please encourage them to do the best they can on this screener.

Also, we wanted to mention that if your student turns in an assignment late, it may take longer to grade.  Our teachers have been and will continue to communicate with students that are falling behind to ensure they stay engaged during this virtual learning experience.  If your student is falling behind or has several missing assignments, please encourage them to communicate with their teacher during support time to develop a proactive plan to catch up and stay engaged. 

Finally, we've had numerous questions about picture day, and we wanted to share that picture day is tentatively scheduled for mid-January.  We will have more information to come on that in our December newsletters. 

That is all that we have for now.  Again, thank you for your support through this process.  Please reach out with any questions, concerns, or feedback. 

Take care,

Dave and Eric