October 23, 2020

Dear Hayes Parents, 


It is hard to imagine that we have just finished our seventh week of the school year!  While teaching and learning has been a challenge for both students and teachers, we continue to grow together to make the virtual experience as positive as possible for our students here at Hayes.  Thank you for your continued support and constructive feedback.  


NWEA and Support Time

This newsletter will not be a long one, but we wanted to send along a few reminders.  First, English NWEA window closed on October 20th, so most students are just finishing up math NWEA or will begin with it next week.  While giving the NWEA virtually could have been a heavy lift for teachers and students, we are happy to report that our students did an excellent job remaining engaged in the assessment and completing it in a timely manner.  Thank you for reinforcing this at home!  Second, our teachers have reported a higher volume of students showing up for “Support Time” at the end of the day, which is excellent.  Please share with your child that due to an increase in numbers during “Support Time” it may take teachers longer to get to them, and there may be certain times where teachers need to speak with students individually (i.e. to review a test, etc.).  Therefore, continued patience and understanding here is appreciated.  Finally, as we noted last week, “Support Time” on Fridays will now be from 10:30-11:20 in an effort to encourage more student participation during the morning hours versus afternoon.  


Boys’ Basketball Tryouts

Hayes 7th and 8th grade Boys' basketball tryouts are scheduled to begin on Wednesday, November 4th at the Hayes Middle School gymnasium. 8th Grade tryouts will be held from 3:00 to 5:00; 7th Grade tryouts will be held 5:30 to 7:30. The boys' tryouts could last as long as three days, and students are expected to be at every tryout session. Students should show up dressed and ready to play with gym shorts, basketball shoes, and a shirt with their last name written on the back. Students trying out for the team must also wear a Mask at all times during the tryout.  All students planning to try out must have a current physical on file in the Hayes Office. 


In closing, we look forward to another great week.  Please feel free to reach out with comments, concerns, or feedback.  


Have a great weekend, 


Dave and Eric