October 2, 2020

Dear Hayes Parents, 

Just as our students are getting into the routine of the virtual learning experience, the weather is starting to change, and we have a full moon on the rise next week.  What could go wrong?  In all seriousness, we are very proud of the continued efforts from our students, parents, and teachers to make the transition to online learning as smooth as possible.  Please keep up the great work on the home front!  

While the virtual learning environment portrays an image of teachers being available during all hours of the day, the reality is that our teachers are continuing to maintain the professional hours they would under normal circumstances.  Earlier this year, we did recommend emailing teachers and attending “Support Time” the same day for assistance; however, our teachers are being inundated with emails at this time. Therefore, please understand that it may take longer to receive an email response back from our teachers under these circumstances, and we are not expecting our teachers to respond to emails beyond their daily contractual obligations. Moving forward, we kindly ask that students and even parents attend our daily “Support Time” from 2:25-3:15 to have questions or concerns addressed in an immediate fashion in lieu of sending an email to teachers.  Teachers are reporting that those attending “Support Time” at the end of the day are able to have their issues resolved within a matter of a few seconds, which is much better than the time and frustration lost in sending a lengthy email.  We appreciate your support with this moving forward. 

As we noted last week, we must engage in NWEA testing this fall per Michigan Department of Education.  At the middle level, we use the NWEA assessment to assess reading and math three-times-year.  NWEA scores are beneficial as they help to monitor student growth and progress, and they also help to identify students that may potentially need interventions.  Our English teachers will commence with NWEA testing October 8th-October 19th window; our math teachers will pick up testing October 20th-November 2nd window.  Our English and Math teachers will be giving the NWEA during their “Live” sessions when they choose to give the assessment; teachers will be available for student support the duration of the test.  Teachers may choose to hold additional “Live” sessions when they choose to give the assessment. Historically, we have found that the English assessment takes three to four class periods while the math assessment takes about two class periods.  It may take somewhat longer in the online environment.  

Again, thank you for your continued support.  Please continue to utilize the daily “Support Time” at the end of each day from 2:25-3:15 with questions for an immediate response.  Have a great weekend!  



Dave and Eric