November 6, 2020

Dear Hayes Parents, 

Thank you for your support with the completion of the NWEA assessments!  NWEA is challenging enough to complete within the classroom under normal circumstances, so we definitely appreciate your support on the homefront in helping get those assessments completed.  We also thank our teachers for all of their additional efforts in completing this state-madated assessment.  The fall NWEA assessment data will be used to help monitor student academic progress, and it will also help to guide potential interventions for certain students.  Please remember that NWEA is just one measure, and we use multiple measures of data to help guide instruction and intervention for our students.  


Virtual Classroom Feedback

As we have been completing virtual classroom walkthroughs, we have noticed that overall engagement has been on the decline, and our teaching staff has noticed this drop as well--especially during “Live” sessions.  To be honest, these unprecedented times have all of us struggling from time-to-time!  If we as adults feel it, then our children surely feel it as well.  Please continue to promote following the daily routine, attending all live sessions, and remaining in attendance for the duration of the “Live” sessions.  Teachers will continue to use the chat feature and other means to interact with students during “Live” sessions, especially for those with their camera off.  


Read&Write for Google Chrome

Read&Write for Google Chrome is a very neat accessibility feature for our students.  Please review the links below if your student benefits from having audio versions of texts provided to them.  Read&Write for Google Chrome is an asset to our students because it is able to read the entire screen; therefore, everything within Buzz or Google Classroom can be supported by Read&Write!  Please review the links below for instructions on how to access Read&Write, and this information is also found on our website. 

Downloading on Personal Devices

Chromebooks or Web Browser


Boys’ Basketball

Boys’ basketball tryouts finished today, and the first games begin the week of November 16th.  We thank our players, parents, and coaches for strictly following the recommendations of our local health department and the MHSAA.  We kindly ask our parents to please keep your student in the car with you until the beginning of practice; this will help prevent congregating and further promote social distancing.  One of their coaches will meet them outside at the beginning of practice to check them in for the evening.  When their coach appears, they may leave the vehicle and socially distance in a single-file line along the walkway that parallels the parking lot.  We appreciate your help here. 


Girls’ basketball season follows the boys’ season.  We will communicate early and often regarding tryouts for the upcoming girls’ season, so please stay tuned for more information on the girls’ season just before holiday break in December.  


GLEAP Christmas Food Basket Application

The Grand Ledge Emergency Assistance Program (GLEAP) is currently taking applications for its annual Christmas Food Basket program for families who live in the Grand Ledge School District.  Donors in the community (individuals & groups) have volunteered to provide a food basket during the Christmas season for families in need.  If this would be helpful for your family, please submit an application by November 10.  Apply online at or by calling your school office -- a secretary can do the application online with your assistance on the phone.  You will be contacted by a donor sometime early in December.  This program works on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Again, thank you for your continued support!  If you have any questions, concerns, or need support, please feel free to contact us. 


Have a great weekend,


Dave and Eric