May 14, 2021

Dear Hayes Parents, 

In this week’s newsletter, we do not have as many updates as we have had in the past now that MSTEP testing is over and scheduling requests for next year are well under way.  Something important to mention before moving forward is that this Friday is going to be asynchronous across the district unless your student’s teacher(s) have noted otherwise.  

While MDE did not require districts to test all students this year with state standardized assessments (PSAT and MSTEP), we are required to give all students the NWEA assessment.  Therefore, our English department will be kicking off NWEA testing next week, and our math department will test the following week. Please note that while MSTEP this year will not impact academic placement for future years, NWEA test results will impact academic placement next year and beyond.  Therefore, we appreciate your support in helping with the completion of the NWEA assessment over the next two weeks.  

Just as a reminder, our 8th grade virtual students should drop-off their English novels from 1st trimester next week, May 17th-20th from 4-6pm.  There will be a table set up near the main entrance, so please place the novels there.  This will not be staffed with school employees, so please just leave the books.  

Below, we have some friendly reminders regarding scheduling for next year.  For our current 7th graders, they should have their google form submitted by this weekend; next week, they will enter their elective preferences into PowerSchool with the assistance of their Science teachers.  7th grade students were reminded of this in an email today, and the email sent to them included all of the resources we are providing again below. For our current 8th graders, course requests need to be completed by May 21st--please see the section below. 

Scheduling for Current 7th Graders

Here is the link to the video presentation Elective Course Registration Video

Here is the link to the coursebook: Elective Course Descriptions 

Here is the link to the google form that is due by this weekend: Elective Request Google Form.

This year, we are not requiring parent signatures. When students submit this form under the supervision of their parents, they will receive an email confirmation that will come in the form of a PDF.  Students must save this email as they will need it next week for when they enter their elective course requests into PowerSchool with the support of their Science teachers here at Hayes.  

Scheduling for Current 8th Graders

Ken Wright, Principal at GLHS, sent the following resources to both parents and students regarding registering for freshmen classes next year.  We are including the resource the high school team shared within our newsletter as well.

How to Register for 2021-22.pdf

21-22 Course Book.pdf

MMC Grad RequirChecklist FULLSheet for Scheduli

More Information from the High School to 8th Grade Families

Any current 8th-grade student interested in student council at the high school must complete the digital application.  The link is included below. Applications are due May 21, 2021.

GLHS Student Council Application 21-22

Current 8th-grade students interested in the TESTING OUT process at the High School- This year's information has not been posted, however, you can view the testing out page on the HS website to view the process. The appropriate dates for this year will be updated sometime within the next few weeks.

That is all that we have at this time.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.  

Take care, 

Dave and Eric