February 5, 2021


Dear Hayes Parents, 

We are nearly half-way through the second trimester, and the second trimester is historically a challenge for many students.  With that being said, if your child is struggling at this time, please continue to encourage them to attend Support Time with their teachers at the end of each day.  In addition, please encourage them to reach out to their teachers via email, especially when submitting late or missing assignments.  We are all aware that the virtual learning environment presents a variety of challenges for both students and parents, so we thank you for your continued support. Please hang in there and know that there is some light at the end of the tunnel for those choosing to return to limited in-person instruction.  Here are a few quick updates:  

First, our staff continues to celebrate Black History Month at Hayes.  This past week, our Social Studies department had students focus on significant African American figures, addressing and discussing how they overcame obstacles and challenges that have stood in their way.  Next week, our Science teachers will engage their students in similar conversations and assignments followed by our English and Math departments later in the month.  In addition, there is a Black History Month slideshow on students’ landing pages within Buzz, and the slides are updated daily for students to view.  Please feel free to use these slides to have conversations with your child.  Also, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our RISE team--comprised of teachers, secretaries, counselors, and administrators--for their efforts and support throughout the year as we continue to celebrate various cultures and diverse groups.  

Second, please continue to watch for Dr. Chapin’s emails, sent weekly on Wednesdays, as these correspondences provide all parents with detailed information regarding our current status for returning to limited in-person instruction.  Immediately following Dr. Chapin’s email noting a firm return date, we will communicate directly with families that have elected to have their children return for limited in-person instruction.  We will be sending those families resources detailing procedures and protocols for the in-person return, orientation videos, virtual Q&A dates for follow-up, schedules via email, and information regarding 7th grade walkthroughs.  This information will be provided in a systematic, organized fashion in an effort to make this transition seamless, calm, and above all else--safe!  More to come here, so please stay tuned.  

Third, we wanted to announce that there will be a Pop Can Drive in the Hayes Parking lot on February 11th from 4:30-6:30pm hosted by local Troops 260 and 901.  Proceeds from the pop can drive will benefit both troops.  If you would like to donate your cans but do not want to leave your home, then please send an email to palbuilt@yahoo.com to arrange a pick up.  If you have questions, please call (517) 449-1145.

Fourth, NWEA testing will take place in Math classes the week of February 16th (no classes on February 15th for Presidents’ Day) during scheduled live sessions.  Math teachers will be communicating with their students next week.  Our English department will follow suit the following week in a similar fashion.  

That is all that we have for right now.  As always, please feel free to reach out to us at any time with questions or concerns.  Have a great weekend!  

Take care, 

Dave and Eric