February 26, 2021

Dear Hayes Parents, 

It sure was a busy week here at Hayes as we are gearing up for our limited in-person return beginning Monday, March 1st. Please note that this is a combined communication to all of our families--both virtual only and in-person for the duration of trimester two as many of the updates are applicable for both groups.  

Hourly Schedule Changes March 1st

As we have been discussing and as outlined in the Limited In-Person Handbook, all students--both virtual and in-person--will begin school under the schedule listed below beginning Monday, March 1st: 

  • Door open for in-person students at 7:25
  • 1st hour--7:40-8:45 (Virtual students watch morning announcements on Buzz landing page at 7:40; connect to first class virtually at 7:50)
  • 2nd hour--8:50-9:43
  • 3rd hour--9:48-10:41
  • 4th hour--10:46-11:40
  • Lunch--11:40--12:25 (in-person students will follow the bells and direction from teachers)
  • 5th hour--12:30-1:25
  • 6th hour--1:30--2:25--in-person students dismissed at 2:25 (bus) and 2:27 (parent pick up)
  • Virtual Support Time

Please note that the hourly bell schedule had to change to accommodate transportation needs in the district.  In addition, passing time had to be built in as we will have in-person students transitioning to different classes. The current Friday schedule will remain the same for all students. 

This schedule will be updated on students’ Buzz landing pages and on our website beginning Monday, March 1.

Covid Screening for In-Person Students

Just a friendly reminder that families of in-person students are expected to screen their children at home on a daily basis.  Children are expected to stay home if they are experiencing one or more of the following symptoms: fever, headache, stomach ache, diarrhea, abdominal pain, sore throat, cough, headache, or difficulty breathing.  Children are also to stay home if they are in quarantine due to exposure of an individual with a confirmed case of Covid 19.  

In-Person Absences and Calling the School 

While we are bringing students back for limited in-person instruction at this time, we are considered a virtual school in the eyes of Michigan Department of Education.  Therefore, it is not necessary for parents to call in for in-person student absences.  We will be monitoring accurate, daily attendance for our records and for potential contact tracing situations, however.  In short, we will track attendance of in-person students for our purposes; parents do not need to call-in absences for in-person instruction.  Please continue to email your child’s teachers to inform them of absences; in addition, please be sure to include Ms. Sadie Green in those correspondences if the absences are long-term.  Ms. Green can be reached at greens@glcomets.net.  

School Pictures

For those families that want to engage in school pictures, our school picture night is Wednesday, March 3rd from 4-8pm in the gym at Hayes.  Geskus is the company handling school pictures, and they will have all of the information for parents here at Hayes that evening.  Selfies can still be submitted to Mrs. Jennie Hernandez at hernandezj@glcomets.net if you want your child’s photo recognized in the yearbook, but you are not comfortable coming up to the school for pictures through Geskus.  Masks are required.  

NWEA Test Scores

As we are winding down with our winter NWEA testing, many parents may be wondering when those scores will be released, and how can we obtain those reports?  Historically, NWEA reports were posted within Parent Portal under the “School Net” tab; however, those reports did not provide parents with a clear picture of what scores actually mean.  Therefore, we are currently working with our technology department to revise these reports within PowerSchool to ensure they provide our parents with an accurate picture of their child’s performance.  This process may take some time, but we will communicate out when those reports are up and ready.  Thank you for your patience here. 

Girls’ Basketball

Please stay tuned for more information regarding Girls’ basketball.  Our athletic department is still finalizing the details for the season, and please note that the season will be a full, traditional season for our female athletes.  More to come here.  We appreciate your patience. 

Those are all the announcements we have at this time. We are really looking forward to having students in the building next week!  Have a great weekend! 

Take care, 

Dave and Eric