December 17, 2020

Dear Hayes Parents, 

It has been a very long month for our district, and we thank you for your continued support and patience.  Over the past month, our administrative and teacher teams have been working on developing plans for limited in-person instruction across the district. Safety remains our top priority, especially when considering bringing students in two days-per-week for limited in-person instruction.  With that being said, our district will be using the Board of Education approved metric to guide all decision making moving forward.  Families who have selected to have their students return for limited in-person instruction will be given 12-days notice when a safe return is determined by the metric; therefore, the district is moving away from using projected dates for potential in-person return.  Before we go into further detail regarding our in-person instruction plan here at Hayes, we have some other topics to discuss and spotlight.  

Art, Band, and Choir

Mrs. VD-Moore’s Exploratory and Mixed Media Art students have put together an amazing art show celebrating their summative pieces for the trimester.  Please click on the link to celebrate their work! Art Show

Mrs. Zerman’s Concert and Symphonic Bands created solo or small ensemble performances as their first trimester project.  They spent a great deal of time breaking the piece down and practicing it, and then built up to a recording with either piano accompaniment or a duet buddy.  Then they created a Google Slides "program" to go along with their piece.  We are hoping that many of them can take their learning from this trimester and use it for an MSBOA Solo and Ensemble festival in the spring!

Mrs. Burton’s Choir students worked on Hallelujah, arranged by Roger Emerson, all throughout the fall. Students practiced and recorded small sections of the song using a wonderful teaching tool for virtual music education called MusicFirst. In our live zoom sessions, students worked in small groups with Mrs. Burton to review and perfect the song. Once the entire song was practiced and learned, students submitted recordings and pictures for a slideshow. Mrs. Burton used wonderful editing resources such as BandLab, iMove, and ApplePhotos to edit and create a "virtual choir."  Hallelujah Video


2020-2021 Yearbook- We are starting to work on this school year's yearbook, since we haven't been able to be in person, we are asking you to help us create a memorable end of the year snapshot for the yearbook. Please send some candid photos that we can submit to the yearbook company.  These can be your student(s) during their virtual classes, doing their classwork, or anything showing how they are spending their time being at home.  Please forward your photos to by January 11, 2021.

Goodbye, Trimester One;  Hello, Trimester Two

Just a quick reminder that trimester one ends today, and final trimester grades will be posted in PowerSchool by Tuesday, December 22nd.  Trimester two begins on Monday, January 4th.  Please note that the grade book starts all over each trimester; therefore, it is a clean slate and new beginning for all students. 

In-Person Return to Learning Plan

The In-Person Return to Learn Plan at Hayes Middle School maintains consistency for all of our students, and it will keep all students with their teachers to the greatest extent possible.  Therefore, aside from some peculiar situations, students’ schedules will be maintained for both in-person and virtual students.  In addition, all students--in-person and virtual--will continue to follow their daily schedules within PowerSchool as well as our daily routine.  Please note that while our goal is to maintain our daily routine, our daily routine (times of classes) may have to be altered slightly due to transportation needs.   

Our in-person students will attend two full days of school each week, and they will generally be split into two cohorts alphabetically by last name:  A-K (Monday and Wednesday); L-Z (Tuesday and Thursday).  This method of cohorting is in alignment with our high school, and we are working with our elementary buildings to ensure that siblings in other buildings are attending together on the same days to better support our in-person families.  Therefore, an in-person’s cohort may not match their last name alphabetically in an effort to ensure that siblings attend school the same two days. 

In-person students will work directly with 2-4 of their assigned teachers that are in the building on their assigned asynchronous days during their assigned class periods.  In-person students will attend their “Live” Zoom sessions in an assigned learning lab.  For example, the Monday and Wednesday cohort, following their daily schedule and routine, would meet with their Math, Science, Band, Art, Health, and STEM teachers directly in their assigned classrooms. The Tuesday and Thursday cohort would meet directly with their English, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Choir, and Physical Education teachers. This cohorting allows us to remain socially distanced in the classrooms and learning labs.  Based on current projections, our classrooms will not exceed 10 students at any time; our learning labs will not exceed 15 students at any time. Please note that our in-person students will be expected to complete work virtually at home when they are not in the school building for limited in-person instruction. To recap, in-person students will follow their schedule of courses, the daily routine, meet with 2-4 of their assigned teachers during asynchronous time, complete work virtually on their home days, and then attend their “Live” sessions from a supervised learning lab.  

Safety will continue to be our top priority.  The district has installed Dynamic electronic air filters in every room of the building to help mitigate the spread of particles. Students and teachers will be expected to wear face masks at all times with the exception of eating lunch in the cafeteria.  Social distancing will be closely monitored and enforced by staff at all times.  Students will not use their locker during the day, and they will be expected to keep all of their items with them throughout the day.  Passing and transition time between classes would be staggered to limit the number of students in the hallways at one time.  

Again, the district-developed metric determines a safe date to engage in our In-Person Return to Learn plan, and families will be provided 12-days notice when it is safe to engage in this plan.  After we return from holiday break, we will continue to provide more information to our in-person families.  If you have any questions regarding this plan, please feel free to reach out.  

In closing, we wish you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.  

Take care,

Dave and Eric