August 27, 2020

Dear Parents,

We are reaching out at this time to continue to keep you and your family updated.  As we have stated in previous communications, we will continue to communicate weekly via School Messenger to both parents and students.  Tomorrow, we will send an email with similar content to students.  Our goal in doing this is to continue to connect with students, and to also reinforce the use of their school email account.  We hope our students were able to read the email and view the video we sent last week.   Within this correspondence, we will address schedule updates, updates to our daily routine, chromebooks, material distribution, and our updated orientation dates. 


We have received some schedule change requests over the past week.  Please note that when students log into PowerSchool to view their schedule, they may only be able to view their first trimester courses, which does not show all of the electives on their schedule for the year as most electives change at the beginning of each trimester. If your student would like to view classes for the whole year, then have them click “My Schedule” and then click “Matrix View" within student portal.  If you are using the PowerSchool application on your cell phone, please be sure to click on “Classes” on your dashboard, and this will show you your student’s elective courses for the entire year.

Schedule change requests will be considered under extenuating circumstances, and we do not change schedules based on teacher preference. If you would like to request a schedule change, then please contact Mrs. Hernandez at, and she will send you an electronic schedule change request form.  We will then view those requests and take action accordingly.  The deadline for schedule change requests is Monday, August 31st by 3pm.


Updated Daily Routine

As we discussed last week, our “Daily Routine” is as follows:

8:15-9:10- 1st Hour (all classes @ 55 minutes)

9:10-10:05-2nd Hour

10:05-11:00-3rd Hour

11:00-11:55-4th Hour

11:55-12:35- Lunch (40 minute lunch)

12:35-1:30- 5th Hour

1:30-2:25- 6th Hour

2:25-3:15- Support Time (50-minute, virtual support time; all teachers; Monday-Friday)

Based on feedback from our parents, we have made some adjustments regarding when teachers will conduct “Live”(synchronous) sessions.  Each core content and elective course will still meet “Live” for two sessions-per-week during their assigned class time, and we strongly encourage students to attend these sessions.  Our teachers will meet with students in “Live” sessions as follows:

Mondays and Wednesdays

  • English
  • Social Studies
  • Foreign Language
  • Choir
  • Physical Education


Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • Math
  • Science
  • All STEM electives (including Intro. to Computers)
  • All Art electives
  • Health
  • Band


Fridays will be used as a day for teachers to host additional mini-sessions in a “Live” fashion for students that need additional support.  In addition, it will be a day for students to complete their work from the week. “On Demand” (asynchronous) work will still be posted and expected on Fridays, but students will have an opportunity to step away from “Live” sessions for a day.  Teachers will still be available virtually during the support time from 2:25-3:15 Monday through Friday. 

We are hopeful that this structured schedule for “Live” sessions will help both students and parents plan their weeks accordingly.



We have heard from some families that they still need a chromebook and/or internet for their student.  If you have not done so already, then please click on the link below to sign up for a device and/or internet access.  Student Technology Request Form

Please note that parents and students can access additional district-wide information by going to and clicking on “Return to Learn Plan” at the top of the page. 


Classroom Supplies, Material Distribution, and the First Days

Please hold off on purchasing school supplies at this time.  As long as students have papers, pencils, and some form of organization at home, then they are in good shape for now.  Right now is the perfect opportunity for students to identify and organize a work space within their home.  If your student is taking any Art elective this year, we have the “Art Supply List” linked to our homepage under the “Return to School Fall 2020” link (top right corner of the Hayes page).  Here is the direct link:  Art Supply List

We will be distributing necessary, school-provided materials the week of September 14th.  During a typical school year, we spend the first week or so going over routines, procedures, and expectations; more importantly, our teachers spend time building relationships with our students.  This year will be no different, especially given the circumstances.  Thus, this year will be a gradual start into online instruction.  Our goal during the first week and into the second week of school is to ensure that students are able to access the Learning Management System, build relationships with their teachers, understand the “Daily Routine,” and organize their learning plan for the first trimester.  In short, we are not jumping right into curriculum the first two weeks of school; it will be a soft roll-out.  We will discuss this more during orientation next week.  For the reasons noted above, material distribution has been pushed into the second week of school. 


Orientation Dates  

We have had to push our orientation dates back to September 2nd and 3rd.  Our initial orientation on September 2nd will be a video uploaded to our YouTube channel.  We will provide access to this video in multiple ways: via email, Twitter, and the Hayes Home Page.  On September 2nd, we will send an email through School Messenger with a link to our YouTube channel, and then we will post the video in the aforementioned areas for parents and students to view at their leisure.  Essentially, our orientation video will be “On Demand” for parents and students. 


On September 3rd, we will host a live Q&A session for parents and students to attend.  There will be two sessions: 2pm and 6pm to accommodate schedules.  We will provide links to both of these sessions in our email correspondence on September 2nd.  Attendance is not required, but we wanted to offer a “Live” session for parents and students as well.  


We thank you for your patience and support during these challenging times.  Please look for our email regarding orientation videos and links on Wednesday, September 2nd. 

Take care, 

Dave and Eric