April 16, 2021

Dear Hayes Parents, 

Thank you for your support and understanding with PSAT testing this past Tuesday!  Our students did an amazing job with following safety protocols as they continue to do on a day-to-day basis, and they also positively endured nearly 4 hours of testing!  All students that took the PSAT should have brought home a “PSAT Student Guide,” which is a resource provided by the College Board for parents and students to use moving forward in preparation for the SAT in 11th grade.  Again, we thank you for your support here.  


Parking Lot

Our timing continues to improve for drop-off and pick-up in the parking lot.  We kindly ask that parents continue to pull all the way forward in our parking lot at all times as this helps to keep vehicles off of Nixon Road.  After school, we continue to monitor students in the parking lot as well, encouraging them to spread out along the walkway instead of crowding by the entrances.  We also encourage students to mask up while “On the Porch” awaiting a ride given the congestion. If students need to cross the parking lot, then they need to do so using the yellow crosswalk, which is located in front of our main entrance. Your continued reinforcement of these logistical and safety measures would be greatly appreciated.  



As you know, the State of Michigan is required to continue with standardized testing this year despite the circumstances.  Now that we have completed the PSAT, we have to set our sights on the MSTEP testing, and our plan moving forward is to complete the MSTEP over two school days:  Tuesday, May 11th and Wednesday, May 12th.  We will be running half-days on May 11th and 12th.  In-person students will attend from 7:40-10:40; virtual students will be able to test at Hayes from 11:30-2:30.  For our virtual parents interested in having their students test, we will send out a google sign up form towards the end of this month in a separate correspondence.  More to come here in future newsletters; we just wanted to give as much notice as possible here now that we know we have to test. 


Course Requests

Our current 7th graders will receive their Elective Course Request forms the first week of May.  Students are expected to discuss their elective requests with their parents.  Students will enter their requests into PowerSchool for next year by mid-May with the support of teaching staff here at Hayes.  


Our current 8th graders will also be provided scheduling information for next year in early to mid-May by high school counselors.  Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Taylor, our counselors here at Hayes, will also support with this process.  8th graders will also be entering their requests for next year into PowerSchool with the support of school staff here at Hayes. 


Home Screening For In-Person Students

We thank our parents for continuing to screen their in-person students each day before sending them to school.  Please keep children home if they are experiencing any symptoms.  Please keep children home if there is a positive case in your household and/or if you believe your child has been exposed to a positive case elsewhere until the potential for Covid has been formally ruled out.  Please communicate with us by calling (517) 925-5680 if your child is staying home for the aforementioned reasons. 


Reporting Positive Cases

In-person families should report any positive Covid cases within their household to the district by emailing health@glcomets.net and calling the hotline at (517) 925-5725.  In addition, please contact the school with this information by calling (517) 925-5680.  If there is a positive case within your household, then please keep your in-person student home until you hear back from Cindy Brummette, District Nurse. 


That is all that we have for now.  Thank you for your continued support.  Please reach out with any questions or concerns.  


Take care, 


Dave and Eric