April 21, 2023

Kona Ice will be here Monday, April 24th! Prices are $4, $5, $6, and $7 for a color-changing cup. Proceeds to support the Beagle PBIS program and rewards.

May 3: GLHS Marketing Students will be @ Beagle during both lunches to sell GL Comet Spirit Wear.

Parking Lot Safety: We have had several parents report to us that cars are cutting through the parking lot–not following the lanes–in an effort to cut in front of the line, allowing students to cross at the crosswalk.  While morning drop-off can appear to be crowded, the reality is that Beagle’s parking lot is the most efficient parking lot in the district.  After working at Hayes and other buildings in the district, we can assure parents of this.  We thank our parents for continuing to stay in the appropriate lanes in a patient fashion while dropping off and picking students up from school.  Student safety is our top priority, and we appreciate your continued support.

Spring Dance–Friday, April 21st: Our Spring Dance, hosted by our PTO, will be on Friday, April 21st from 6:30-8:30 pm.  Tickets will be sold for $15 during both lunches on the day of the dance to only Beagle students; students that purchase tickets will be provided a wristband. Once provided a wristband, students are expected to immediately wear the wristband; this helps with the flow of things and ensures the safety of our students. Students cannot purchase multiple dance tickets; they may only purchase their own tickets. Tickets will also be sold at the door, beginning at 6:25 pm. Doors will open at 6:25, and students will be released from the cafeteria at 8:30 pm.  Students must have a ride home from the dance; students cannot walk home.  We appreciate parent support here in ensuring the safety of our students. 

MSTEP Testing 8th Grade: Because our 8th graders just took the PSAT and the MSTEP testing window is very long, we will not engage in MSTEP testing (Social Studies and Science) for our 8th graders until the week of May 8th. 

MSTEP Testing 7th Grade: 7th-grade MSTEP testing for ELA and Math will be spread across two weeks beginning May 2nd.  7th graders will take the ELA MSTEP beginning May 2nd; they will engage in the Math MSTEP beginning May 9th.  

Spring NWEA Testing: Spring NWEA testing will take place across two days: May 15th (ELA) and May 23rd (Math).  We will use the same format as we did in the winter: NWEA testing the AM followed by an altered schedule in the PM.  

May 17th–7th Grade Lugnuts, 8th Grade Activities at Beagle: 7th graders will be heading to the Lansing Lugnuts School Day on May 17th. 7th graders were provided a permission slip last week in Science class with detailed information.  Permission slips and money are due by Friday, April 21st.  If your family needs assistance for the cost of this trip, please contact our counselors, Ms. Driscoll driscollk@glcomets.net or Mrs. Weaver weavers@glcomets.net. We are actively planning fun, engaging activities here at Beagle for our 8th graders on the 17th as well; we will share more information in subsequent newsletters.  We are looking forward to the 17th for our students as it will be a nice break from all of the standardized testing that comes each year in the spring!