Expense Reimbursement Policy


Expenditure of school district funds without authorization via the purchase order procedure is highly discouraged due to the lack of budgetary control at the point of expenditure.  However, it is neither always possible nor feasible to obtain a purchase order for small value items.

In these instances, administrative approval of the purchase must be obtained from the administrator responsible for overseeing the specific budget prior to making the expenditure.

Following the purchase, a Check Request should be completed and forwarde to the Business Office for processing.

The check request MUST include:
    • A valid account number
    • Signature of the requesting party
    • Signature of the authorized administrator responsible for the budget
    • Original receipt(s) detailing items purchased, as well as proof of payment

Check requests that lack any of the above will be returned to the submitting party for further information.

As a tax-exempt public school district, sales tax will not be reimbursed.

If there are no available funds in the specified account, the check request will be returned to the requesting party unpaid.

Program administrators are responsible for the control of their departmental budgets and staff reimbursement requests.

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