Question 7


Q.  How important is this election?



EXTREMELY!!  The Non-Homestead millage comprises almost $7 million ($6,780,000 to be exact), or 16% of Grand Ledge Public Schools' operating revenues.  The State of Michigan assumes school districts levy and collect the full 18 mills, and subtracts this amount from each district's per pupil allowance.  For Grand Ledge Public Schools this is equal to more than $1,333 per pupil.  These are the funds used to pay for staffing, purchasing textbooks and classroom supplies and operating the district's school buildings.

These local funds are automatically deducted from the per pupil money the school district receives from the state.  So, if the millage renewal is not approved, the state will NOT make up the difference and Grand Ledge Public Schools will lose almost $7 million in revenue each year