Question 6


Q.  Why are voters being asked to renew 19.558 mills when the maximum Non-Homestead

      levy, by law, is 18 mills? 



Beginning in 2000, the school district's operating millage rate was permanently reduced from 18 mills to 17.7084 mills through a Headlee Rollback1.   To restore the full operational dollars authorized by the state under Proposal A, voters approved a Headlee restoration millage in 2001.  Since 2000, there have been numerous Headlee rollbacks, to reach the current rollback of 16.7247.

Although the district is seeking renewal of 19.558 mills (16.7247 mills + 2.8333 mills) only the maximum allowable 18 mills is legally authorized to be levied in any given year, with the balance of the approved millage available in the event of future Headlee Rollbacks.


1 A Headlee Rollback occurs when local units of government (including school districts) are required, by law, to reduce or "rollback" the millage rate when the growth on existing property is greater than the rate of inflation.  As a result of a Headlee Rollback, school districts collect less revenue than is allowable under Proposal A.