Dear Parents,

This year Hayes Middle School will be providing after school support for 7th and 8th grade students that are struggling in English, Math, Science and/or Social Studies.  Please know that if your student is “ZAPPED”, it is our goal to offer timely intervention and academic support so that they are prepared for the rigorous Michigan merit curriculum when they move on to high school. 

ZAP Procedure:

1.    Teachers will identify students that are failing or otherwise struggling in their course, communicate with parent(s) (email or phone call) and complete ZAP referral form.

2.    Referral Form is sent to student’s Counselor:

                  Mrs. Miller= Students with Last Names Beginning A-K

                  Ms. Trierweiler= Students with Last names beginning L-Z

3.    A Counselor or Administrator will call parents to follow-up and schedule dates for student attendance to ZAP.

ZAP Rules:

1.    ZAP will take place Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. in the Hayes Media Center/Library.

2.    Students are expected to sign in and stay in ZAP for the entire 60 minutes.  They will not be allowed to leave early except in rare circumstances where prior arrangements have been made with the student’s counselor.

3.    ZAP sessions will be supervised by one of the School Counselors. 

4.    ZAP takes precedence over participation in athletic practice/events and music rehearsals.  Coaches and music directors understand that students in ZAP will be absent from practices/games/rehearsals during ZAP time.

5.    Students are responsible for bringing missing assignments, and materials required to complete assignments, to ZAP.

6.    Student can earn their way out of ZAP time once they no longer have an “F” grade in the class and/or have turned in all their missing assignments.

7.    Transportation home is the responsibility of the parent.  GLPS is not able to provide bus transportation home for students attending ZAP.

8.    Parents MUST pick up their ZAP student outside the main office promptly at 3:30 pm.