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Please help our school.
If you are shopping online use the schoolmall website.
We get credit for shopping that you do online.
Thanks for your support. 

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We are sending a booklet of postcards home. By completing this booklet, you will be helping our school meet its goal of 1650 addresses or 150 complete booklets.

Please complete each postcard in blue or black ink.  Sign the postcard and add a personal P.S. message.  Do not fill out the back of the postcard (red area).  Also put your Encore teacher’s name on the booklet on top right corner.

Return the entire booklet to school Monday to your Encore teacher.  Please do not rip out any pages.  If you cannot fill the entire booklet, send in whatever you can.  You will receive 2 prizes for completed booklets and 1 prize for half completed booklets.

Students that bring in completed booklets will have their name entered in a drawing for chance to win Prizes such as scooter, Wal-Mart gift certificate, Best Buy gift certificate and other items.
Inside the booklet are 6 super sponsor stickers.  Place these stickers on 6 of your addresses.  If a super sponsors places an order, you will get a free Bluetooth shape FM radio with light.
If two people send in orders from your addresses sent in, you will be sent a T-shirt.

You are not to try to sell anything, just bring in addresses.  School Mall will send information and directions on ordering to the completed addresses.  The person can decide if they want to order or not.  Our school will get bonus of $450 for the 150 completed address booklets whether or not an order is made.  If an order is made, our school will get up to 50% on all paid orders.
Check out all the products available at
Our identification number is 40257.
Thanks from your Encore teachers!