Quiz Bowl Competition Results

(2/0/16) Our Hayes quiz bowl team competed against Portland and Holt on Wednesday at Dewitt High School.  They won the first round and once again, lost the second round by one question!  The following quiz bowl members compete weekly at area high schools against other middle and high schoolers: Karianne Rodeman, Zach Parker, Kelly Morgan, Sidney Sparks, Cooper Evans, Charlie Wentworth, Connor Powers and Collin Thomas.  Our next competition will be at Grand Ledge High School.  Great job team!!



(2/5/16):  Hayes Quiz bowl team competed in their second competition last Wednesday at Holt High School. This competition allows high schools and middle schools from the area to compete weekly at different schools. Our Hayes team won the first round against Owosso but lost a close second against a tough Lakewood team. Great job by all who competed!