7th Grade

Our non-Band and Choir 7th graders are assigned to Encore Classes. These classes are Health, Computers and Art. While our school is on a Trimester schedule, our Encore classes rotate so that these students will attend each of the classes for about 1/3rd of each trimester.  For example, a 7th grader that had Health to begin the school year, would move to Computers for the next 4 weeks and end with Art class.  He/she will resume with Health class the beginning of the second Trimester.

The First Trimester rotation dates are:

September 8- October 4

October 5- November 1

November 2- November 24


The Second Trimester rotation dates are:

November 30- January 8

January 11 - February 9

February 10 - March 11


The Third Trimester rotation dates are:

March 14 - April 15

April 18 - May 13

May 16 - June 10


Rotations:  Health to Computers to Art